Wafer and component testing

  • Develop test software and hardware
  • Characterization
  • Test data evaluation, modification and optimization of test results
  • Development of electrical test for qualification and failure analysis
  • Scanning, straightening and T&R
  • Screening on selected parameters
  • Optoelectronic testing
  • Programming

Qualification and Reliability investigations

  • Preparation of test concepts and qualification plans
  • Eye safety test of LED’s and Lasers
  • Mechanical, stress, temperature, ESD and lifetime test

Failure & Technology analysis

  • Non destructive testing
    • Xray and acoustic Microscopy
  • Material analysis
  • ESD certification

Verification of ASIC, IP and FPGA

  • Languages: SystemVerilog, e (Specman), C, C++, SystemC, Python, SVA, PSL, Tcl, Perl, VHDL, Verilog
  • Full verification process planning and tracking, including verification execution and debug
  • Assisting customers in transition from legacy to new verification methodologies

Experience in safety critical systems for automotive and avionics markets