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In the evolving landscape of electronic devices, the demands for sophisticated power management solutions have surpassed the capabilities of traditional load switches that merely switch power on and off. Modern applications require more than just basic control; they demand intelligent, adaptable solutions that address intricate power challenges.
In this article, we delve into the shifting paradigm of current requirements and explore how Atlas Magnetics Load Switches transcend the conventional functions of load switches. Our load switch ICs redefine expectations by offering a suite of advanced features that go beyond the ordinary, addressing the complex needs of contemporary electronics.

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ISSI Octal Memory

ISSI’s Octal Memory is a portfolio of high-speed, low pin count memory products that utilize the JEDEC xSPI interface. The Octal (xSPI) interface enhances system performance, simplifies design, and reduces system cost. ISSI’s new family of Octal products include: Octal (xSPI) Flash, Octal RAM, and Octal MCP solutions.

Octal (xSPI) Flash memory delivers the performance needed from embedded systems that require fast instant boot times. ISSI’s Octal flash delivers 400 MB/s of read bandwidth, which is over 4x times faster than a Quad SPI Flash. Octal RAM memory also delivers 400 MB/s of read throughput in a space savings package. These devices are ideal for SoCs with limited on-board RAM and provide the system with fast read and write operations.

MCP solutions that implement both Octal (xSPI) Flash and Octal RAM devices are available from ISSI. The combined solution further shrinks the necessary footprint needed by having two separate devices combined into one on the board. The combined devices share a single xSPI bus and are available in a space savings 24-BGA package.

The new family of Octal Bus xSPI compliant devices meet the demand for instant-on high performance applications that are required by the Automotive, Industrial, Medical, Networking, and Consumer Markets. AEC-Q100 support with temperatures up to 1250C are available.

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Innophase Iot has received another award

Tech Brief has awarded Innophase IoT - 2023 PRODUCT OF THE YEAR

The Talaria TWO ultra low-power Wi-Fi platform delivers the best in performance, time to market, long lasting battery life, and direct to cloud connection for IoT devices. Check it out

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Representing Innophase IoT

Cedar is now Representing Innophase IoT in our region. InnoPhase IoT is a fabless wireless semiconductor platform company specializing in extreme low power Wifi/BLE radio solutions. It invented the groundbreaking PolaRFusionTM digital radio architecture, a patented semiconductor that dramatically increases battery lifetime 50%+ in typical applications.
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New Sales Manager in Sweden

Happy to share that Mikael Lovén has joined the Cedar team. Mikael is located in Stockholm and will join our Swedish Team supporting the Swedish market.

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