About us

Cedar Technologies was formed in 1992 in Thame UK. In 1994, in the early days of FPGA technology, Cedar signed contract with Xilinx. We created great business together and our succesfull relationship continued for over 22 years. In 2000 Cedar expanded its geographical reach to Nordic and in 2020 Cedar decided to enter into Poland as well. Cedar has over the time represented technology leading companies like Intel, Marvell, IDT, Dialog etc. With focus on our key values Cedar has since the beginning successfully demonstrated to be a very effective partner to take high technology to the market in Northern Europe and Poland.

Today we are counting 12 dedicated salespeople spread around the region that are continuously adopting ourselves to an ever changing industry

Mission Statement:

  • We continuously strive to be the most effective vehicle to take technology and solutions to the market in Northern Europe by being a cost effective and professional connection between our market and our suppliers whereas we are raising the profile of our customers at our suppliers and our suppliers at our customers
  • We want to provide a profitable enjoyable and sustainable working environment based on good principles within our company
  • Our key values are
    • Fun
    • Success
    • Professionalism
         – Individual Accountability
         – Empowerment
    • Adaptive
    • Integrity

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