We at RoodMicrotec are the experts in the field of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). As an independent general contractor we take care of the complete logistics, quality assurance, technical realization and project management from the first idea to the delivery of serial parts. We work together with strong partners and support you in all project phases competently and reliably. Therefore, you have as little effort as possible and at the same time you benefit from efficient processes and our long-term experience. With us you get one-stop solutions – either as turnkey solutions or as single services. No matter if you need test engineering, planning and execution of various production tests, qualifications or failure analysis – our services are tailored to your requirements. Our experts are looking forward to talk to you.

Following services are supported:

Wafer and component testing

  • Develop test software and hardware
  • Characterization
  • Test data evaluation, modification and optimization of test results
  • Development of electrical test for qualification and failure analysis
  • Scanning, straightening and T&R
  • Screening on selected parameters
  • Optoelectronic testing
  • Programming

Qualification and Reliability investigations

  • Preparation of test concepts and qualification plans
  • Eye safety test of LED’s and Lasers
  • Mechanical, stress, temperature, ESD and lifetime test

Failure & Technology analysis

  • Non destructive testing
    o Xray and acoustic Microscopy
  • Material analysis
  • ESD certification.

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